Monte Alegre Association is an association focused on social and environmental protection in rural areas and their respective communities. The main objective sought by Association Monte Alegre is promoting sustainability, innovation and social impact in rural areas in the Alentejo, through the implementation of social and economic activities. 

  • Highest social and environmental commitment;
  • Highest respect for human and animal rights;
  • Highest quality, efficiency and responsibility in the implementation of projects on the ground.


  • Contribute to empowering rural communities by improving access to social services and dynamizing social innovation in the community;
  • Protect and support rural communities, with a special focus on women and children, granting their rights and access to social services and equipment;
  • Foster intercultural dialogue and knowledge exchange of ancestral activities between the local community and immigrant population residing in rural areas;
  • Protect and grant proper water management in rural areas;
  • Protect and grant proper management of forests through awareness raising and reforestation projects;
  • Protect and grant rural and livestock best practices, fostering extensive agriculture and livestock, small owners management and animal well being protection;
  • Promote and finance projects toward energy sustainability, especially through solar and wind energy.