Breed: Mix

Sex: Female

Age: -1 Years old

Weight: 7Kg

Chip: No

Castrated: No

This little cutie goes by the name Speedy and is a super joyful and playful young female. She is the youngest in our shelter at the moment and loved by all the dogs and the people in our team.

Speedy came to our shelter when she was only 6 months old.
She was born in a small Portuguese village.
The man who gave her to us told us that his mother did not like Speedy.                                                                         She got beaten up on a daily basis, for that.
In the beginning, Speedy was terrified, but she learned to gain trust again, and she is a great dog in all aspects.
She is affectionate and fun. She is playful and very fast! She loves to run and play with the other dogs. 
Speedy is very fine and tiny, but strong and healthy.
She will not weigh more then ten kilos when she is fully grown.
She has not been castrated yet; she did not get her first heat yet.
Speedy is about 8 months old now. We wish for a lovely home for her.
She is used to cats, other dogs, and children too.
If you are interested in Speedy, please contact us at: dogs@tamera.com.