Breed: Podengo Português

Sex: Male

Age: 3 Years old

Weight: 7Kg

Chip: Yes

Castrated: Yes

Sonny seems to be a lost hunters dog that arrived in a village after getting attacked by wild boar. He got seriously injured and was looking after himself for at least 2 weeks before he was caught and brought to us. We were amazed how fast he recovered! arriving in critical condition with several huge open wounds, many internal and external parasites, super skinny and very anxious he only try to bite us the first day. Within 2 days he was already falling asleep in my arms. His wounds closed within 2 weeks and Sonny is the most loving, happy and cute little boy you can imagine.

He is very cuddly, likes other dogs, walks on the leash and listens well.

He could fit into any family situation also in a more urban setting as he is a very small dog. But he loves to run and play and one should remember that these dogs are bred for hunting. In our shelter he has a job. Together with Fly, he keeps rats and mice away from our dog food supplies!

 If interested, please contact Tamera Dog Shelter via email