Breed: Border Collie mix

Sex: Female

Age: 1 Year old

Weight: 12Kg

Chip: No

Castrated: Yes

Luna was found on the street and chained up by a farmer. She got pregnant and had all her babies, but one, stolen from her. When the puppy went to the new owner Luna had to leave as well. This is how she found her way to us.

We love her to pieces. She is very sweet and smart and very focussed on people. She learns quickly and already lost most of her fear in the first couple of days. She is very social and playful, all our dogs like her and she already walks on the leash.

We think Luna can make a perfect family dog, also great with other dogs and children.She loves to run and play and she loves 1 person that she can focus on to get her orientation from. Border Collies are supersmart and they need quite some exercise to stay happy. Luna is a small dog, but she needs space to run and play. We have not seen any strong herding instinct yet, but we heard that she is not doing well with free roaming chickens.

Please contact us when you are interested in adopting Luna.  contact Tamera Dog Shelter via email