Breed: English Pointer

Sex: Male

Age: 6 Years old

Weight: 20Kg

Chip: Yes

Castrated: Yes

Jacko was a lost hunter's dog that roamed around the village and nobody could catch him. Until he had a car accident and broke his front paw, and he could be picked up. After breaking it, the bone healed, but the paw is curved and, therefore, the leg is slightly shorter. Jacko can run very fast despite his handicap, although it is something to keep an eye on since some arthrosis may inevitably form after time.

Because Jacko was so scared and nervous, he has spent several years with us in our group shelter while he went through a full recovery and healing of trust in people. He is now ready, and we would love to find him a home now. Jacko is very friendly and affectionate. He loves children and other dogs. He needs a lot of exercise, has plenty of energy and listens very well.

Apart from running like crazy, he loves long cuddle sessions. He needs an experienced human on his side and a calm and clear environment. He is definitely not a big village dog as all the noise and rush makes him nervous. He could be a great family dog for people with space that love to go on long walks. If interested, please contact Tamera Dog Shelter via email dogs@tamera.org