Breed: Malinois Shepherd mix

Sex: Female

Age: 1 Year old

Weight: 30Kg

Chip: No

Castrated: No


Chica was abandoned on the path that leads to our shelter and found by a member of our community. She is not yet 1 year old, middle/large sized female that loves to be around people and dogs. She is like glue, sticks to your leg and follows you everywhere. Although she is only with us for one week, she can already run free on walks, as she does not run away. She is full of energy and very playful. Integrating her in the pack was easy.

She shows submission towards people, but we think she did not get mistreated. It seems she was tied up for a longer period, but she was looked after well. Fortunately we see no big traumas in this dog and we are sure she will make a perfect family dog. She is very good natured dog, alert, fast and smart and with a reliable character. Her ears are upright now (on the first pictures the tips where still hanging down)

If interested, please contact Tamera Dog Shelter via email