Breed: Rafeiro Alentejano & Border Collie

Sex: Male

Age: 2 Years old

Weight: 39Kg

Chip: Yes

Castrated: Yes

Baloo is a 2 year old Rafeiro Alentejano/Border Collie mix. He is a big boy and weighs about 40 kilos. He was recently rescued from a dull and painful life on a short chain. We found him tied up to an abandoned shed with some chickens inside. He was very neglected by his previous owner and needed urgent care to recover. We even had to bring him to surgery to free him from an abscess in his upper jaw/nose bone due to a tooth that was stuck in there. Fortunately, he recovered very well.

His female companion, that we rescued from the same place, barely survived, and is still paralyzed. It is easy to imagine how Baloo's life started off very miserable, and since the day we took him in he has showed nothing but grateful happiness. Baloo is our big angel!! He is super friendly and playful and gets along very well with our other dogs. He is boisterous, but honest and always happy. He is learning fast and loves to be in contact with people. We take him for walks and do leash training with him.  He is doing very well! He also learned a lot from the other dogs. He understands his place in the group and brings a lot of joy.

Baloo is ready for adoption now. His forever home should have space for such a big dog. With Baloo being so uncomplicated, gentle and trainable, he could fit in any setting of family with children, cats, dogs and other animals. If interested, please contact Tamera Dog Shelter via email