Breed: Mix

Sex: Male

Age: 10 Years old

Weight: 20Kg

Chip: No

Castrated: Yes

We are looking for a calm and lovely home for our sweet Fidel, a senior dog that had a hard life and would love to spend some beautiful, comfortable years at the side of a human being that loves and spoils him.

Fidel was found on the street in december '22 in a very bad condition and a woman felt sorry for him and took him in. Although she could not keep him herself because of intercontinental traveling, she kept him until he recovered and found his strength again. He got quickly attatched to her and it was a pity that he could not stay with her. He connects very easy to the person that looks after him and he is a very loyal and faithful friend. Fidel is an old dog that has a heart condition and does not hear and see so well anymore. He is taking medication for his heart and his cardiac insufficiency is well under control now.

Fidel would love to have a home with a garden and enjoys his daily walks a lot. He is not very fond of other dogs, although he can get used to them, we think he would love to be the only dog in the house. He lived together with a big male cat that he even shared his bed with. 

We are very keen on finding him the home that he longed for so much for his remaining years. He is a very sweet and happy dog. Fidel should live in a calm environment, because of his age and him not hearing and seeing so well anymore. Many sounds and movements are confusing for him. he can also be easily startled by unexpected situations he did not see or hear coming. a calm clear place and a daily routine would be so wonderful for him to feel at home.

This is why we are looking for an (older) person or couple, somebody that is at home a lot and has patience and loves to enjoy some beautiful times together with Fidel. No children, no other dogs, no hectic environment and Fidel will be fine.  If interested, please contact Tamera Dog Shelter via email